Tele2 and Nokia launched the first 5G test zone in Kazan metro

You can connect to the new standard at all stations of the Kazan metro. You can connect to the network directly

from your device or via a Wi-Fi hotspot. Smartphones with 5G support, for which Tatarstan is a home region.

Devices that do not support 5G and subscribers of other operators will be able to connect to the technology via Wi-Fi routers at the Kremlin metro station.

Tele2 and Nokia launched the first 5G zone in Russiaat the most important infrastructure facility - in the Kazan metro. The fifth generation network now completely permeates the metro system - the 5G signal has become available at all subway stations.

Company message

Over the entire testing period, the developers plan to test a number of new 5G-based services:

  • to ensure the safety of a transport facility,
  • monitoring the epidemiological situation,
  • entertainment services based on AR / VR.

Peak speeds reach 3800 Mbps

The general director for technical infrastructure of Tele2 Aleksey Telkov explained that they decided to test 5G in the metro so as not to interfere with other networks.

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