Tele2 raised the monthly fee on the archived tariff

The author of the blog ABloud62 and telecom analyst Aleksey Boyko said that the cellular operator Tele2 raised

subscription fee at one of the archived tariffs. The rise in price was 40 rubles.

Boyko was informed about the price increase by an attentivea reader of his blog. The subscription fee has risen in price for the tariff "My Online 11_2018". Previously, it was 440 rubles a month, but now subscribers will have to pay 480 rubles a month.

The telecom analyst noted that Tele2 regularly adjusts the current and archived rates, increasing its income. Also, according to Boyko, there was no news on the tariff increase on the operator's website.

As a reminder, it has recently become known that Tele2 has banned the sale of remnants of minutes, gigabytes and SMS packages carried over from the previous billing period on the Market.