Television viruses: Samsung warned of viruses in smart TVs

As soon as a smart or smart prefix appears in an electronic device, then it’s there as if on command

various types of malicious programs are sent,viruses, trojans. So Samsung warns owners of its smart TVs that viruses may appear in the system, so it is necessary to regularly check their TVs with appropriate anti-virus programs. The company even published a message with video instructions on how to properly check for malware and virus attacks on smart OLED TVs with a Wi-Fi module.

At the same time the message after a while wasdeleted, and the media have questions about this. The company explained to the BBC that the video was published in order to educate buyers and owners, but the video does not explain why this should be done, and whether it is realistic to get such an attack. Most likely, Samsung realized that the message would only harm the company, and would cause panic among customers, many anxious people who had already acquired or are only going to buy one of the best-in-class OLED TVs. And in fact, the manufacturer indirectly acknowledged that televisions are vulnerable, but they hurried to put the responsibility on the shoulders of the buyers themselves. In general, now the owners of smart TVs themselves must take care of the cleanliness of the system.

Antiviruses do not help?

Samsung uses antivirus systems, inparticular, McAfee, on some models of smart TVs, mostly - Tizen. However, the owners of these devices should still independently protect themselves from viruses and attacks. It is necessary to conduct regular scans for the presence of malware. In general, with the TV as much hassle as with any computer device that has an internet connection.

As for the deleted video, there is nothere was nothing special, just instructions for checking for viruses. The Tizen operating system also interested some hackers, but it’s not clear what advantage it brings to the attackers, what they can drag off from the TV, because there aren’t stored confidential data or access to bank accounts. To scan, you need to go to the settings, then “System Manager”, then “Smart Security”, and from there we start scanning. Manually you just need to run, new bases the TV replenishes itself. Although, a day there are hundreds of thousands of new viruses, and it is impossible to keep pace with such an army, so be careful with the connections. Experts are inclined to believe that the company should integrate automated virus checking tools into the operating system.