Telly is giving away 500,000 dual-screen 4K TVs for free, but one display will constantly show ads

American startup Telly has prepared an interesting offer for its customers. The company released

a TV equipped with two displays, and is ready to give it away for free, but there is a nuance.

What is known

To begin with, we note that the TV is equipped4K ULTRA HD 55” display. Under it, there is a built-in sound bar with a webcam, and even lower is the main feature of the novelty - an additional screen.

Telly decided to give away half a million for freeTVs, but the second screen will constantly display advertisements. Due to advertising, the company plans to compensate for the zero price. Deliveries will begin in the summer, and you can apply right now.

The startup will collect a large numberconfidential information, including data on income, geolocation, brand of car, any stores and terms of rental of real estate. You can not refuse this, as well as the display of advertising.

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About 25% of the additional screen is intendedfor ads. And it works even when the TV is off. The rest is used for interactive features and displaying useful information. However, advertising can also use the main TV display, but only if it is not used for its intended purpose.

Telly TV runningTelly OS operating system and supports voice assistant control. To install familiar applications, the device comes with an Android TV set-top box, which is connected via an HDMI connector.