Tesla will present a fully autonomous drone within 6-10 weeks

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the electric vehicle maker is preparing to launch a private

Beta versions of the "fully standalone" Autopilot software.

“It's quite difficult for people to judge progressautopilot, Musk said at the shareholder event. - I drive on the latest, alpha version of the autopilot, so I can say exactly where it has become better. For example, I practically do not interfere with the process of driving from home to work. Expect a limited launch in 6-10 weeks, ”he said.

Musk went on to explain how Tesla engineers recently had to overhaul major parts of the autopilot, including rethinking how the system sees and analyzes the environment.

Tesla promises to reduce the cost of its batteries by 50%

Tesla electric cars are now on autopilotsecond level. This is "partial automation" - that is, the software can control the steering, speed and braking, but in an emergency it may not react to what is happening. Then he needs the driver's help.

“We had to fundamentally redo almost allthe software part of the autopilot. Now it captures and analyzes the world in 3D video, this is very different from how it was before - separate 2D images. Now we mark entire video segments, take all cameras at the same time and mark them as information for analysis. The sophistication of the car's neural network and the overall logic of the device have been greatly improved, ”Musk said.

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