Tesla is preparing a restyling of the Model 3: will update the "filling", appearance, center console and steering wheel

Tesla released its most affordable Model 3 electric car in 2017, and now, after 3 years, is preparing a restyling


What is known

According to Electrek, car will get a slightly updated look with a newfront optics and taillights. In addition, Tesla plans to remove the chrome elements of the car and change the exterior design. According to rumors, the center console will be updated as well as the steering wheel.

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Naturally, the changes will also affect the "filling". For example, the Model 3 should have an octal valve and a heat pump, like the Model Y. In addition, the car is credited with double windows and an electric trunk drive.

Unfortunately, the exact release date of the restyledModel 3 yet. Presumably, it can be shown by the end of this year. First, all the innovations will appear in cars made in China, and then they will also be added to models made in the USA.

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