Tesla will add bird's eye parking system

Tesla engineers said their cars could soon be easily parked by hand. Head of the company Elon Musk

announced a new feature -"Vector-space" view of the parking lot from a bird's eye view. However, at first it will be included only in the full package of services. The update will cost about $ 8 thousand, but the company promises to include "a dozen more features" there.

It is unclear exactly how engineers will provide driversa bird's-eye view, although reporters speculate that it will use Tesla cameras to simulate a view of a parking space. The company has not yet announced a specific update date.

This is not a new concept: some Porsche models, such as the Taycan, have similar 'all-encompassing' features. Bird's-eye view, a vision monitoring system that displays an overhead view of the vehicle to help park and navigate in tight spaces, has become a popular feature in premium vehicles.

As a rule, this becomes possible thanks toan array of 5 or 6 cameras around the vehicle. Tesla already has an autopilot driver assistance system, but the automaker has never released a bird's eye view feature.

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