Tesla will introduce two-factor authentication

Tesla CEO Elon Musk first spoke about two-factor authentication in a car app back in 2019

year. This time, he stated that the company is "close to announcing this important function." In response to a Tesla customer's question about where the launch of two-factor authentication is, Musk replied that they are doing it "so late that it's embarrassing," but she is undergoing final review by engineers right now.

Car maker two-factor authenticationwill use SMS and app based identification. At the same time, security experts warn that the second approach is safer - hackers will not be able to counterfeit SIM cards and intercept verification numbers sent to the phone. However, the option with SMS will be available for those who for some reason cannot use authentication applications of other companies - for example, Google.

Musk talks in more detail about the brain chips his company is developing

As TechCrunch notes, the feature is "vital"for applications like Tesla, especially if it allows you to control your car remotely. Tesla customers can lock and unlock the engine, locate and track the vehicle, update software, and start or stop charging. For owners with autopilot, the app can be used to call a car from a parking lot or garage.

Previously, there was an update to the Tesla autopilot, whichallows you to automatically respond to road signs and traffic signals. However, the company warned that the driver "needs to remain attentive and be ready to intervene." In the notes for the new system update, the automaker noted that when this function is activated, cars will automatically stop at a red traffic light or in front of STOP signs. In the first phase, the feature is available only to US drivers, and Tesla will gradually roll out it in other countries.

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