Tesla will install radars to track children left in a closed car

Tesla cars will have a new feature to ensure that no child is left behind

locked inside the car. The automaker has applied to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to market interactive short-range motion sensors that use a higher power level than current regulations allow. According to the company's documentation, the device uses millimeter-wave technology to detect movement inside a car and classify people in it.

The company noted that in 2019 inmore than 50 children have died in cars under direct sunlight. Tesla noted that its technology will help avoid this - it can "see" through soft materials such as blankets and child restraints. And because it is capable of detecting respiration and heart rate unlike weight-based sensory systems, it can distinguish between a real baby and an object, thereby eliminating the possibility of false alarms.

Tesla will introduce two-factor authentication

The technology has other potentialapplication possibilities. Thanks to its ability to assess body size, it can ensure optimal deployment of the airbags in the event of an accident. In addition, the radar will improve the seat belt reminder system. In the future, the technology will be improved in order to scan just around the car. This will help create a better theft prevention system.

Tesla filed back on July 31, according to a public notice from the FCC. The company plans to start implementing them as early as 2021.

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