Tesla Cybertruck and Hummer EV rival: Ford unveils the F-150 Lightning electric pickup with a range of up to 500 km and a price tag of $ 39,900

Ford today announced an electric version of the F150 pickup truck that will compete with the Tesla Cybertruck and

Hummer EV.

What is known

The novelty received the prefix Lightning in the name andbased on the regular F150. Nevertheless, the car received several design features. For example, it was equipped with a stronger frame and independent rear suspension. Differences also affected the interior of the car. The electric F150 has a fully digital instrument cluster and Sync 4A multimedia system with a 15.5-inch vertical display. A similar screen is installed in the Mustang Mach-E. The system supports over-the-air updates as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Ford F-150 Lightning will hit the market in twotrim levels. Both have a four-door cab and a 1.68m cargo bay, but differ in power and range. The basic version of the Standard Range received a 432 hp engine. and a cruising range of 370 km. The top Extended Range, in turn, produces 571 hp. and can travel up to 500 km. This configuration accelerates to "hundreds" in 4.5 seconds and supports 150 kW fast charging. She is able to charge a pickup truck from 15 to 80% in 40 minutes.

Of the interesting things in the new product, it is also worth noting the function of the electric generator. That is, you can power electrical appliances or even a house from a car. In this mode, the F150 Lightning delivers up to 9.6 kW.

Price and when to wait

Sales of the Ford F-150 Lightning will begin in the spring of 2022, but the car can already be pre-ordered. The starting price is $ 39,900.

Source: Ford

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