Tesla Cybertruck has already been ordered by the Minister of Justice of Norway, the Dubai police and the ex-mayor from the Chernivtsi region

At the end of last week, Tesla introduced the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup with an unusual design. Three days

ago, Elon Musk said that the pickup had already collected more than 250 thousand pre-orders. Let's figure out who these fans of the brutal news Tesla are.


Norwegian Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr has already boasted about his purchase on social media. He published an order confirmation with the words: "Sorry, wife, I just had to."

The Minister opted for an all-wheel drive Cybertruck with two electric motors for $ 50,000.

Buyers Tesla Cybertruck found in Ukraine. The former mayor of Novodnistrovsk, Chernivtsi region, Ruslan Panchishin, also boasted of his purchase on social networks. He chose the base version for $ 40,000.

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Civil servants

Dubai police also plan to buy new pickups. According to representatives of the department, electric vehicles will serve in the very center of the city on Sheikh Muhammad ibn Rashid Al-Maktoum Boulevard and in the area of ​​the Burj Khalifa.

They were joined by the police and utilityservice of the city of Valles, Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. According to the mayor of the city, Esper Cardenas, they will use three types of Tesla Cybertruck: police pickups, as well as a trailer for collecting garbage and a water tank.

But the high cost of the mayor’s cars is not scary. He is confident that over time it will pay off by saving on fuel and maintenance.

Recall down payment for Tesla Cybertruckis only $ 100, and then this money can be returned. Production of Cybertruck will begin in 2021, and the top version with high mileage and speed will be released in 2022.

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