Tesla introduced a new charging station Supercharger V3

Tesla held an event at its California headquarters to unveil its third

generation of the Supercharger charging station.

What is known

The new station is capable of charging someModel 3 electric vehicles at 250 kW. According to the company, 5 minutes is good for 120 km. Unfortunately, that kind of power won't extend to the Model S and Model X due to different battery designs. The manufacturer will set a limit of 120 kW, but then with the help of a software update, they plan to raise this threshold. Exactly how much is still unknown.

Along with Supercharger V3, Tesla announced On-Route Battery Warmup technology, which can reduce charging time by 25% thanks to smart algorithms.

When to expect

The first new charging station has already been installed inFremont (California), but so far only participants in the Tesla Early Access program can use it. Outside the US, the Supercharger V3 will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

Let us remind you that Tesla is now preparing to present its new electric crossover Model Y. The car will be shown next week in Los Angeles.