Tesla rival: Drako’s GTE electric car will become a four-engine monster with 1200 l / s

The new Tesla Roadster will not be the only super-powerful electric car that we will see in the near future. Drako motors

(startup created by co-founder BarracudaNetworks Dean Draco) revealed to the public GTE. This is an electric sedan, built to put in the belt the most powerful cars in the world, despite their power plant. The basis of the electric car was a direct drive system of four engines, giving 1200 horsepower and almost 9000 Nm of torque. And although the GTE horses are not a world record (Bugatti Chiron has as many as 1479), from the spot it will vomit like a bullet. The company has not yet disclosed how much the car accelerates to 100 km / h, so you can’t brag about it yet.

The manufacturer also declares the maximumspeeds of 332 km / h. Again - not a record, but it is more than can be expected from high-performance electric cars. Moreover, Drako stuffed in sports parts such as Brembo ceramic brakes and Öhlins suspension. The car is based on the Fisker Karma chassis, but nonetheless, four people can fit inside with luggage.

If you can complain about something, thenautonomy. Drako installed a 90kWh battery in the GTE and haven’t yet said how long it will last. A four-engine power plant of such power is a serious test for the battery. So you should not expect travel over long distances. Especially if you like to press on the gas. But at least charging will be fast using a 150kW charger.

One thing is clear for sure: Drako has launched GTE worldwide. Production is about to begin, and the first cars will be delivered in 2020. The biggest obstacle is exclusivity. The company will produce only 25 copies, at $ 1.25 million each. The $ 200,000 Tesla Roadster alongside the GTE seems like consumer goods. But in reality this is not so. This fact only proves that electric cars can fight the best of the best.

Source: [endgadget] (https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/17/drako-gte-electric-supercar/)