TetrisChallenge is out of control: 10 incredible photos from around the world

The Internet is breaking from the new flash mob, which this time was not launched by bloggers or show business stars,

and law enforcement officers. On September 1, the official account of the Cantonal Police of Zurich published a photo in which the patrolmen laid out the contents of an official car on asphalt. Moreover, the objects were aligned parallel to each other, as if in Tetris.

Over a month, the post has collected 4.7 thousand likes on Facebook by launching the #TetrisChallenge, which is now actively gaining momentum on Twitter.

Original photo of the Cantonal Police of Zurich:

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Kiev Sikorsky Airport also did not stand aside:

Amsterdam ambulance officers and firefighters made a collaboration at all:

The famous French perfectionism. How not to hear? Here it is:

China Airlines also could not resist:

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And here is the perfectionism in Croatian from the firefighters of the city of Zagreb:

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The Hungarian military did not stand aside either:

And then they received an answer from the tank division of Holland:

Less massive, but vital:

Rescuers are also here: