TetrisChallenge out of control: 10 incredible photos from around the world

The Internet is bursting with a new flash mob, which this time was launched not by bloggers or show business stars,

and law enforcement officers.On September 1, the official account of the Zurich Cantonal Police published a photo in which patrol officers laid out the contents of a service car on the asphalt. Moreover, the objects were aligned parallel to each other, as if in Tetris.

Within a month, the post received 4.7 thousand likes on Facebook, launching the #TetrisChallenge, which is now actively gaining momentum on Twitter.

Original photo of the Cantonal Police of Zurich:

</ img>

Kiev Sikorsky Airport also did not stand aside:

Ambulance workers and firefighters from Amsterdam even organized a collaboration:

Famous French perfectionism. How have you not heard? Here it is:

China Airlines couldn't resist either:

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And this is what perfectionism looks like in Croatian from the firefighters of the city of Zagreb:

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The Hungarian military also did not stand aside:

And then we received a response from the Dutch tank division:

Less massive, but vital:

Rescuers are also here: