The absolute masterpiece of the K50 series: the first teaser of Redmi K50 Extreme Edition

For a long time, rumors have been circulating on the Web about the most advanced Redmi flagship, presumably

called Redmi K50S Pro or even K50 Ultra.Today, Xiaomi decided to reveal the cards by launching a promo campaign for the device. True, it will be known as the K50 Extreme Edition and, as the slogan says, will be “the absolute masterpiece of the K50 universe” - the most powerful smartphone in the history of the K-series, the positioning of which is completely different from what it was before. And we are talking not only about the processing power of the underlying Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, but also about “more radical improvements”. Probably, we are talking about a 200-megapixel camera, mentioned among other fillings from a recent rumor. The date of the announcement of Redmi K50 Extreme Edition has not yet been mentioned, but the release will definitely take place before the end of August.

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