The accidents of Russian missiles accounted for a third of the global space insurance losses. In Roskosmos called this figure "good"

Roscosmos made two emergency launches last year, which were insured by SOGAZ companies,

Soglasie and VTB Insurance - the Angostat satellite with a loss of $121 million and the Soyuz MS-10 manned spacecraft with a loss of $65 million.

Cosmos is becoming an industry. 2016 and 2017 were quite successful for both the industry and the insurance market. In 2018, there were eight emergency cases, but only two of them were Russian. The Russian market is not the main driver of loss in the field of space insurance.

Advisor to the General Director of Roscosmos Valentina Rakitina

In the future, Roscosmos is going to switch to the systempackage insurance, when companies will insure not every launch, but several flights at once. Roscosmos calls it a gold residential for companies, but so far tariffs are too high to start cooperation.

October 11, 119 seconds after starting withBaikonur cosmodrome at the Soyuz rocket turned off the second-stage engines. The crew of the ship was evacuated and survived. The main cause of the Soyuz FG missile accident was the failure of the sensor responsible for the separation of the first and second stages of the carrier.