The audience of pirate sites for the year decreased by 130 million people. Almost all users switched to their mirrors.

In 2018, in Russia, 370 pirate sites and 1.5 thousand of their mirrors were blocked. Most often the requirements of

TNT, TV-3 and Friday channels, as well as Warner Bros, direct the blocking of sites and their mirrors

The method of WebKontrol research is not clear. It is not clear whether a person is considered to be a user only with a Russian IP address or from other countries, whether users are considered as unique visitors to sites or just visiting pages.

According to the study, before blocking onin Russia in February 2018, the site’s traffic was 26.6 million users per month, and after blocking it was about 53 thousand monthly. The active monthly audience of the resource, which was blocked in October 2018, was 8.5 million users.

After blocking, all users switched to resource mirrors, which currently have at least four. Attendance of the largest exceeds 2.8 million users per month.

In 2017, in Russia entered into forcethe law on blocking mirrors of pirated sites without a court decision. Now the government is also developing a bill that obliges search engines to remove links to pirated sites.