The causes of jealousy and its effect on the body are identified.

For many years it was customary to believe that jealousy is an ordinary trait of a person’s character. But the latter

studies by scientists have shown that jealousy is a pathology that should be eliminated if possible.

So, the cause of jealousy was studiedscientists from Peking University who published the results of their work in the scientific journal Nature. In their test, accepted 40 students and in the end they managed to find out that jealousy arises precisely at the stage of existing relations, and not at the very beginning. According to experts, this is due to the fact that the longer we are with a certain person in a romantic relationship, the more we are afraid of losing him. And the MRI, which scientists conducted on the subjects, helped determine what part of the brain was responsible for jealousy. So, excitement in the ventral prefrontal cortex was noticed in people who were in the state of greatest happiness, but at the same time, the indices of subcortical basal ganglia causing jealousy also increased.

“Jealousy is one of the ways nature created to preserve alliances,” concluded scientists at the University of California, Davis.