The Chinese were forbidden to travel because of the coronavirus epidemic

An article appeared in the American edition of The New York Times, which refers to the fact that in connection with the epidemic

coronavirus China has banned travel groups from leaving the country. Also, its citizens lost the opportunity to book airline tickets and book hotels not only domestically, but also abroad.

Therefore, the government of China is doing its besttries to limit the spread of the coronavirus epidemic not only in the territory of its own country, but also beyond its borders. In addition to prohibitions on ordering airline tickets, sanctions also affected bus flights between Beijing and several provinces. At the same time, interestingly, those Chinese citizens who were already abroad on permits are allowed to continue them.

Recall that the city of Wuhan in Hubeiamong other things, I encountered a restriction of traffic - on weekends, for example, residents are forbidden to come to the center. Moreover, since January 23, the city itself has been surrounded in every possible way by cordons of police and medical services, which prohibit anyone from leaving its borders.