The concentration of CO₂ in the atmosphere for the first time in human history exceeded 415 parts per million

At the beginning of 2019, the carbon dioxide concentration was 410 ppm. This indicator is constantly

growing - researchers estimated that if CO₂ emissions remain at 37 million tons per year, by the beginning of the XXII century, the concentration will increase to 1,200–1,300 parts.

Increasing the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphereworries scientists because of its heat-absorbing properties. Earth and the ocean on the planet absorb and emit heat, and it is retained by molecules of carbon dioxide. Increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases leads to an increase in temperature on the surface of the planet.

A threefold increase in carbon dioxide concentration inAtmosphere — up to 1,300 parts of CO может per million — can lead to the disappearance of a layer of stratus cumulus clouds over the ocean. This event, which may occur in the XXII century, will lead to the ocean heating by 8 ° С, scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have found out earlier.

Scientists from the National Oceanic andUS atmospheric research has found that global climate change is not due to natural causes. According to their estimates, human activity became the cause of this process with a probability of 99.9999%.