The correct announcement of Borderlands 3: get acquainted with the characters and the world of the game

Gearbox has released the second official trailer Borderlands 3, in which she named the release date and introduced gamers

with the main characters.


This time, gamers will choose between four characters: Moze, Amara, FL4R and Zane.

Moze belongs to the class of arrows, and its mainthe weapon is a huge robot named Iron Bear, which can trample the enemy or nashpigovat it with lead. Amara will become the embodiment of a siren and in the battle can call "ethereal fists." FL4K is an animal lord who can subdue local fauna for help in battles. Operative Zane also prefers to fight in the company, but uses gadgets to create chaos, rather than alien dogs.

The main villains in Borderlands 3 will win back the Calypso twins, who are trying to unite the gangster clans, claiming the power of the universe.

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In Borderlands 3 gamers will get outPandora, where they will explore other planets with new enemies and surroundings. Conquer new worlds can be both alone and with friends thanks to the online cooperative and the support of playing together on a split screen on one console.

When to expect

Will Borderlands 3, as predicted leaks, 13September 2019 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Those interested can already pre-order on Gearbox, PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace, and the PC version is on sale at Epic Games Store. Owners of Deluxe editions will get cosmetic items and experience boosters, and for Super Delux, they give a pass to the top four future DLCs.

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