The creators of KOTOR 2 and New Vegas are working on a “new big RPG” and are looking for talent

Obsidian Entertainment, creators of Pillars of Eternity, KOTOR 2, and Fallout: New Vegas, are still preparing for the release of The Outer Worlds. Yet it

does not stop the studio from recruiting a team for the "new large multi-platform RPG."

What is known

Last week, the studio published 11 vacancies.on LinkedIn, as programmers, combat system designers, and even narrative designers. And if the vacancy of a game scriptwriter would serve as an allusion to the DLC for The Outer Worlds, then the remaining positions indicate that the studio is assembling a new team for the project.

The same combat system designer willcreate a “battle” under the form of a third and first person. In addition, the specialist will have to work with system designers to "integrate the statistics of the character and equipment." The narrative designer will have to develop the plot, and the candidate is also required to have experience in working with an extensive dialogue system. Among the vacancies, the network programmer also “lit up,” and the list of pluses for the “gameplay programmer” included experience in working with multiplayer.

Judging by the list of open posts in whichalso includes an interface designer and financial analyst, Obsidian is just getting ready for development. Perhaps the project went through the pre-production stage and the studio is ready to start prototyping and the first tests.

In an interview for Game Informer, the head of the Xbox GameStudios Mike Butie said The Outer Worlds could be Microsoft's new exclusive. Perhaps the studio has already signed a contract to continue or is preparing a similar game.