The date of the beginning of the preliminary sales of the PlayStation 5 has become known

Very soon, on January 7 at 4:00 Moscow time, Sony will start its own conference as part of the CES 2020 exhibition. If

believe the latest leaks, it is within the framework of thisthe event, the Japanese giant intends to announce a new generation of its console - the long-awaited PlayStation 5. In this regard, the first news about pre-ordering new items have already begun to appear on the network.

So, according to a popular Internet insiderPSErebus, the pre-order PlayStation 5 will open in March this year. This news could pass by all of us, if not for the fact that it was this insider who at one time told a lot of truthful facts before their official announcement. He also spoke a little earlier about the fact that backward compatibility with previous generations will appear in the PS5, the price of the new product will be only $ 499, and the start of sales of the device in the United States is scheduled for November 20, 2020.

Well, apparently, wait for the announcement of the fifthThe PlayStation wasn’t long, so the insider told the truth or he did lie, which means there is no sense in believing his words from now on, we will find out very soon.