The defense Ministry opposed the transfer of 5G frequencies to operators. They are engaged in military satellite communications

The reason for the Ministry of Defense’s refusal to transfer frequencies to VimpelCom, MTS and MegaFon operators is that

these frequencies are used for satellite communications of the Ministry of Defense and other departments, the newspaper notes.

The representative of the Ministry proposed to useto deploy 5G frequencies in the 4.8-4.99 GHz and 27.1-27.5 GHz bands, which were previously approved by the state communications commission. However, the source "Vedomosti", close to the leadership of one of the operators, said that for the first range there is no commercial equipment, and for the second - the necessary area of ​​coverage.

The refusal of the Ministry of Defense to transfer frequencies to operators will lead to the fact that Russia lags behind other countries in terms of technological development, according to VimpelCom.

Previously, researchers from Purdue University andThe University of Iowa discovered three new vulnerabilities in the 4G and 5G protocols. They allow you to intercept calls and receive data about the location of users.