The director of the movie "Get the Knives" revealed Apple's secret: bad guys are not allowed to use the iPhone

Director Ryan Johnson, the latestfrom the work of which was the detective Knives Out, gave an interview with Vanity Fair, in which he revealed one interesting secret about working with Apple.

What told

It's no secret that companies provide theirproducts for filming movies, commercials and other commercials, and Apple is no exception. But she has a rule: gadgets should not appear in the hands of negative characters.

"Another funny thing, I don’t know if I cantalk about it or not ... Perhaps this information could harm my work on the next film. Despite this, I’ll tell you, because it’s very interesting. Apple allows you to use the iPhone in movies, but - and this is very important if you ever watch detectives - the bad guys can't hold the iPhone in their hands, ”Johnson said.

He joked that after this statement, all filmmakers with secret villains "want to kill him."

So now know: if the detective has an iPhone in the hands of the hero, then he is definitely not a villain.

By the way, this is not surprising, because Apple has enoughstrict rules for the use, image and photographing of its devices. For example, trademarks and company-owned products are recommended to be shown only “in the best light, manner or context that reflects favorably on the products”.

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