The expert told where exactly will be fought in the event of a major war near the borders of Russia

Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences for Information Policy

told reporters in which areas to expect military action in the event of a major war near the borders of Russia.

According to the expert, the battles will be fought inwater areas located 400–600 kilometers from the country’s coast. From there, attacks will be launched on “objects on Russian territory, on ships at sea and bases.” Therefore, one of the main tasks of the Russian Armed Forces will be the fight against enemy aircraft carrier and missile strike groups in these areas.

The expert believes that Russia needs to have its own aircraft carrier so that it serves as a "tow truck for hot spots."

Recall that in the combat structure of the Russian Navy there is the only non-nuclear aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (or heavy aircraft carrier), which is now under repair.