The figure of the day: How many times more often do people buy on the Internet if they live near the postamata?

The number of purchases on the Internet increases by 6 times, if there is a pedestal near the house

Ozon Online Store

today announced the installation of postamata in the subway. At the same time, company representatives said that the installation of automated points of delivery of orders "next to" the client increases the frequency of his online purchases by an average of 5-6 times.

Ozon said that 21 pedestals already installed in the subways of Kazan and Novosibirsk. In the first city, two stations are equipped, in the second - already 13. In the future, the company hopes to expand its coverage of cities.

According to company representatives, Ozon experienceshows that the most optimal places for installing pedestals are office centers, shopping centers, shops near the house, regional beauty salons, computer clubs, clinics and gas stations. That is, when the pick-up point is “next to” the client.

It is also reported that the popularity of postamates in Russia is growing: in 2019, Ozon customers chose this delivery method six times more often compared to the previous year.