The first estimates of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order: a chaotic action for fans

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is out, and while gamers are just planning to play the new game, journalists managed

try out the game and share your impressions.

What they say

Average score after 29 reviews on Metacriticcritics scored 74 points. The Daily Star gave the game 100 points, citing the large roster of available characters, deep RPG system, and "fun campaign." The VGC journalist gave the game 60 points, praising the roster of heroes, but scolding the combat system, which lacks combos, as well as audio and visual feedback. In addition, according to the author, there is often chaos on the screen, because of which you have to press buttons and hope for the best.

“Ultimate Alliance 3 gets monotonous at times, but Team Ninja has created a good-looking action game that wants to entertain and succeeds in doing so,” God is Geek, 70.

“A powerful multiplayer action game packed with content and carefully crafted characters that will delight comic book veterans and MCU fanatics alike,” GamesRadar, 80.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Ratings: The Black Order:

  • IGN - 7.8
  • Gamespot - 8
  • GamesRadar+ - 4/5
  • GamesBeat - 70/100
  • Game Informer - 7
  • Nintendo Life - 8
  • Destructoid - 7