The flagship smartphone Redmi with a Snapdragon 855 chip is ready for release

At the end of last month, we wrote that Redmi is not yet ready to release a flagship smartphone, but it seems

in a few weeks everything changed.

What is known

Division Director Liu Weibing (LuWeibing) reported in the social network Weibo that the novelty is already ready for the announcement. In addition, he denied a rumor that the smartphone will receive a retractable front camera. According to one of the employees of the investment department, Xiaomi, who has already managed to hold the novelty in his hands, the flagship Redmi does not look like a single brand device.

Unfortunately, the characteristics of the device so farunknown. We only know that it will work on an eight-core 7-nanometer Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. It may also be equipped with a dual or triple main camera with a 48-megapixel module.

Price and when to wait

Apparently, the presentation of the device will be held early next month. The smartphone is credited with a price tag of around $ 370.

Do you know that

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