The future of World of Tanks: Wargaming will host the "Stream of the Year" with announcements of important innovations in "Tanks"

Wargaming has announced the date of the annual broadcast, within which players will learn about the future of World of Tanks.

The future of "Tanks"

The next Stream of the Year will be held on December 122020 on the WGWATCH.TV platform. During the broadcast, "tankers" will learn about the future of World of Tanks. Players will find information about new vehicles, changes in game modes and the announcement of other bright new products that will appear in Tanks over the next year.

The broadcast will be complemented by spectacular tank battles during the "Steel Hunter" show match. This year they will be held in an updated format, during which "tank bloggers" will fight among themselves in platoons.

All viewers will enjoy contests and surprises, as well as the opportunity to take part in the individual competition online and win valuable gifts.

“This year, due to the current situation, weforced to completely transfer Stream of the Year online. But for us this is another challenge, and we will try to make this event memorable and especially bright. Therefore, we invite all players to join us on December 12, it will be very cool and interesting! ”- says Yuri, Publishing Director of World of Tanks

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