The head of Google told employees that happiness is not in money

Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke at a general meeting and spoke about the prospects against the backdrop of

the emerging economic situation. Discuss

Pichai spoke about the expenses of the corporation, and afterresponded to staff questions about cuts, slashing travel budgets and not hiring and spending funds already planned, despite record profits and massive cash reserves.

He talked about his concerns about the opinionemployees that the company's actions are aggressive cost savings. Pichai noted that “It is more important that we stay afloat. Look at our future in the long term in this way.”

He also urged employees to measure happiness with pleasure, in particular from work, rather than money.

“I remember when Google was small.We don't always have to equate pleasure with money. I think you can get into a hardworking startup and have employees enjoy it. That is, happiness in life should not always equate to money, ”the Google CEO expressed his opinion.