The head of OnePlus did not wait for the presentation and showed the new OnePlus 7T

On September 26, OnePlus has scheduled a presentation, which will show the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro smartphones.

However, OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau did not wait for the event and showed OnePlus 7T images in the company's community.

How does it look

True, the pictures show only the back panel,but she also revealed several new details. So, the body will be made of frosted glass. Buyers will be available in blue, which used to be the exclusive OnePlus 7 Pro.

</ img>

But the main focus is on the main camera. As expected, the sensors are located in a circular module, but there are no divisions into segments, as in the renderings.

“When you look at the back of the phone,the camera is perhaps the first thing that attracts your attention. This is an incredibly important part of the design puzzle, so we completely rethought the camera module for our future flagship. The camera should stand out boldly, but at the same time it should be naturally combined with the overall design to create a complete image, ”says Pete Lau.

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By the way, the presentation of the first OnePlus TV will also be presented.