The Hubble mission invited everyone to find asteroids in the images of the telescope

In 2017, astronomers discovered asteroids in the Hubble images, located in tens and hundreds of millions

kilometers from the solar system, along the characteristic S-shaped tracks formed by them.

To discover more such objects andto calculate the trajectory of their flight, the scientists asked for the help of volunteers. In order to take part in the project, you need to register and familiarize yourself with the rules of work. Volunteers in the event of a new asteroid will have to mark their tracks.

The results will be used by the Center.small planets to calculate the orbits, which will help to accurately predict their movement. In addition, the marked data will help train neural networks to recognize similar objects in the images automatically.

Hubble Mission

Earlier, the International Astronomical Union announcedabout the start of the NameExoWorlds contest for choosing names for several dozen astronomical objects. Residents of 70 countries can take part in it, and Russians are asked to choose a name for the orange dwarf HAT-P-3 and the HAT-P-3b body rotating around it.