The James Webb telescope has passed all tests and is ready to launch

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has successfully completed its final tests and is preparing to send to

launch site: scientific observations should begin 6 months after take-off.

On August 26, NASA announced that the telescope passedall tests and now it is being prepared for transportation by water to the Kuru cosmodrome, which is located on the northeastern coast of South America. Shipping may start in September.

After James Webb is delivered tothe cosmodrome, experts will make sure that it is not damaged, refuel and remove all protective covers from a number of telescope elements. It will then be placed under the nose cone of the Ariane 5 launch vehicle.

The launch of the telescope is scheduled for mid-November, but it could drag on until early December 2021.

If the launch is successful, then the observatorywill deploy solar panels, sunscreen and main mirror. And then in a month it will reach the halo orbit around the second Lagrange point in the Sun - Earth system, where it will work for 5–10 years.

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