The latest version of Opera updated the night mode: now it works on all pages

Opera developers have updated the night mode in their browser. Now it works on all web pages, even if

they do not support such a function.

What are the differences

In Opera 55 for Android, night moderecycled from scratch. Compared to a similar solution in Google Chrome, which simply reduces the brightness of white, Opera replaces the pages themselves with their darker version. In this case, the site does not need to have the appropriate functionality. This is achieved by making changes to the CSS resource.

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In addition, users will be able to customizecolor temperature (suppressing the annoying blue color), choose a more traditional red light overlay, set the night mode schedule, automate the function and darken the on-screen keyboard.

According to Stefan Stjernelund, product manager for Opera for Android, the new night mode will not interfere with others and will relax the user before bedtime.

You can download Opera 55 for Android on Google Play.