The leadership of the InSight mission confirmed the collision of the drill with a stone. Well drilling on Mars may fail

The InSight space probe landed on Mars on November 26 at 10:50 pm Moscow time. InSight mission calculated

for 720 days. During this time, the probe will study the seismic activity of the planet. Perhaps scientists will be able to detect accumulations of liquid water or ice beneath the surface of Mars.

HP3 was suspended on March 7th. Before that, the device had drilled a hole of 50 cm in Martian soil for four hours, after which the drill stumbled upon an obstacle. In total, the device had to drill a 5 m deep well in the ground.

We haven't completely surrendered yet. This does not look promising, but we still have a reasonable enough chance to complete the drilling.

Bruce Banderdt, InSight Mission Leader

Earlier, InSight recorded for the first time the cooling of the surface of Mars, which was the result of the eclipse of the Sun by Phobos.