The level of this hormone in the body depends on the risk of depression in a person.

The results of a study conducted by Trinity College Dublin showed that people with a high level

the hormone cortisol is more likely to experience depression. This came to light after analyzing several hair samples from the participants. Discuss

Researchers from the Irish Longitudinal Studyof Aging (TILDA) recently learned that older people who had high stress hormone levels in 2014 were more likely to experience depression early in the COVID-19 pandemic. This was found out thanks to the analysis of samples of human hair.

Generally higher than usualcortisol in the body can also be found in those who are currently suffering from depression. However, research also suggests that cortisol levels can predict whether a person will be prone to depressive disorder in the future after a period of high stress.

A study of people aged 60+, conducted during the first year of the pandemic, also showed that the rates for both women and men were the same.

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