The main threat to the country: PUBG and Fortnite banned in Iraq because of social harm

Gamers did not have time to recover from the PUBG blocking in Nepal, as the game was banned in Iraq.

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The government decided to banonline games that affect "children and youth". The Guardian writes that projects that were popular in Iraq, including PUBG and Fortnite, as well as related payments, such as buying currency and so on, turned out to be under the ban.

They explained the blocking by the negative impact of "some electronic games on the health, culture and security of Iraqi society, including the social and moral harm caused to children and young people."

The Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr criticized the game:

“What do you get when you kill one or two people in PUBG?” This is not a game for the development of intelligence or military skills, which correctly reflects the fighting "

Internet users have responded to the ban.journalists who accused the government of misplaced priorities. From the time of the first convocation, the politicians adopted only the law on the federal budget for 2019, but they considered that it was worth urgently banning video games.