The media showed the work of rare Ukrainian MLRS "Bureviy" at the front, they can shoot up to 65 km (video)

Radio Liberty filmed a report on the operation of the rare Ukrainian Burevij multiple launch rocket systems.

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The video shows how several MLRS "Bureviy"together with the MLRS "Hurricane" they are preparing for a combat departure in the Kharkov region. After preparation, the calculation leaves for an open area, takes up positions and shoots at the enemy.

Recall that in total Ukraine managed to release a minimum2 such reactive systems. MLRS has a caliber of 220 mm and is an improved version of the Soviet "Hurricane". It is built on the Czech Tatra T815-7 chassis with increased cross-country ability and a top speed of more than 100 km/h. By the way, the same chassis is installed in the French self-propelled guns CAESAR and the Slovak self-propelled guns Zuzana 2. The firing range of the Burevіy reaches 65 km (depending on the shells).

Source: Radio Liberty