The Minister of Education of the Russian Federation demanded a "decision on computer games" after the tragedy with a suicide bomber in Izhevsk

This afternoon a tragedy occurred in Izhevsk: an armed man opened fire at a school.

Almost immediately after that, Russian Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov made a statement. He demanded to start a discussion of the impact of computer games on people.

The official noted that the Ministry of Education, together withMintsifra, can take "an appropriate decision in the near future." He also stated the need to "put things in order with computer games." At the same time, he did not specify what specific plans he is talking about.

I also think that it is necessary to put things in order withcomputer games. The killer was on record. He suffered from schizophrenia. He played computer games and in my opinion, the overall impact of computer games needs to be discussed carefully. And I am sure that we will take the appropriate decision in the near future with the Ministry of Digital Development.

Sergey Kravtsov