The most detailed panorama of the center of the Milky Way and its surroundings has been published

The new map shows a complete picture of the interaction of magnetic fields in the center of the galaxy and their effect on

interstellar gas.

The images show data from an X-ray telescope in orange, green and purple, and data from a radio telescope in gray.

Below in the image, you can see a clearer separation of data from X-ray images (purple) and data from the radio telescope (blue).

All images show threads of overheatedgas tens of light years long, which were formed in the process of mutual influence of strong magnetic fields in the center of our galaxy with their simultaneous effect on interstellar gas.

The threads are far beyond the planeThe Milky Way, this means that high-energy processes were taking place in the center of the galaxy. Previously, these formations were inaccessible for observation, but new data open up the opportunity to trace these objects and fit them into the overall picture of processes in the Universe.

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