The mother turned to the police and asked to take her son, a Counter-Strike fan, to the army

Not every mother may like that her child spends time on things that seem meaningless to her. So,

a resident of the Moscow region complained to the police about her gamer son, who avoids military service because he devotes too much time to video games. Discuss

The Telegram channel “Caution, news” reported thata resident of Odintsovo was preoccupied with the hobbies of her 22-year-old son. Among them, according to the channel, the computer game Counter-Strike, gaming gadgets and fingerboards, on the sales of which he makes a living.

The Russian woman apparently did not appreciate her son's hobbies,therefore, in the end, she wrote a statement to the police against him, in which she said that he was evading military service. The mother asked the security forces to take appropriate measures.