The new iPad Pro could bend their hands

The new iPad Pro was able to bend their hands. The same thing happened with the 2018 Apple tablet model. The company did not

pay attention to correcting this defect.

YouTube Channel Bend TestEverythingApplePro, not JerryRigEverything, as the reader might expect. However, this is not too important, the result is more interesting. And the result was not the best for the iPad. It takes a bit of effort to just break the tablet in the middle. “Like butter,” the blogger commented on the pliability of the device.

EverythingApplePro noted that the iPad Pro 2020 broke too easily. Therefore, future owners of the tablet should be careful with the new product.

It is worth noting that many criticize the new iPad because it did not receive big differences from previous models: it did not acquire a radically new processor and, apparently, did not become more durable.