The new life of old games - the continuation of your favorite franchises worth playing

Recently, the light saw several sequels of the favorite series of games. Some were more successful

some less, and there was also remastering of Warcraft3, which failed a little more than completely. But today we’ll talk about the most successful continuation of gaming franchises, released in early 2020, which is not a pity to spend a couple of free evenings.

Half-Life: Alyx
When we talk about waiting, we meanHalf-life. And now, it would seem, for many years the expectations were over, but Half-Life: Alyx is not the third half, not even two and a half. No Freeman and mount. Nevertheless, the new game has excellent detailed graphics, a deep study of the characters and the interactions between them. The highlight of the new project was the project’s focus on use with VR helmets, and it was pleasantly pleased with the game’s customizable parameters that reduce the effect of motion sickness, because you do not want to leave this virtual world for a long time. Of course, mods for the keyboard and mouse have already appeared, but the whole buzz of the game, of course, is known only in the helmet of virtual reality and with controllers in hand.

Doom eternal
A new part of the story about the adventures of Dumgai, heThe executioner of rock is just a celebration for fans of slashers. Destroy enemies can and should be very diverse, changing weapons on the go and combining different options for dealing damage. You have to run, jump and shoot every second, so this is exactly the game that involves one hundred percent and requires full return. But nothing, develop your fingers - the main thing Claudia choose stronger and more comfortable.

Call of Duty: Warzone
The battle royale genre has become more popular than everrecently, so it’s not surprising that the familiar CoD went this way. Moreover - the game is free, plus it offers users several interesting modes in which the game will unfold. The main principle that remains typical of battle royal is to survive yourself and destroy enemies, so if you want to hear the enemy approach and react quickly, without gaming headset precise positioning of the sound is indispensable.

Metro Exodus: Sam’s story
This is not about a complete update of the game, but aboutadd-on that almost completely preserves the style of Metro Exodus. Nevertheless, the story of Sam has its own individual chips that help better move the story than in the main campaign. Why the game is definitely like it - this is for a certain freedom of choice of the style of passage and the creative approach of the creators who brought a bit of colorful humor to the world of hard post-apocalypse.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps
A sweet bun for those who don’t really like shooters andcruelty is a new part of the adventures of the fabulous creature Ori. A cutest platformer with quests that you can safely give even to a child in order to entertain him during quarantine. New features were added in the new game, and the visuals, which were already extremely cute, were made even more colorful and magical. You can play, depending on how you feel more comfortable and familiar - either using a gamepad or a traditional keyboard with with the mouse.