The new solar-powered desalination process is 280% more efficient

In a new work, scientists from the Ural Federal University (UrFU), together with colleagues from Iraq, developed

new technology of water desalination.

It is a hybrid technology to improve the evaporation efficiency inside a solar distiller using a rotating hollow cylinder and solar collector.

A technology for desalination of water bythe use of a rotating hollow cylinder inside the solar distiller to accelerate the evaporation of water in the tank by forming a thin film of water on the outer and inner surfaces of the cylinder, which is constantly renewed with each revolution. We used a solar collector to raise the temperature of the water under the cylinder.

Sergey Shcheklein, Head of the Department of Nuclear Plants and Renewable Energy Sources, UrFU

During the tests, the rotation speed of the cylinder inside the solar distiller was 0.5 revolutions per minute, which is enough to evaporate a thin film of water from the surface of the cylinder, the scientists explained.

As a result, the new technology has a productivity ratio of at least 280% during relatively hot months and at least 300–400% during cooler months, such as September and October.

The distillation capacity of water in summer reached 12.5 l / m2 · day, and in winter 3.5 l / m2 · day.

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