The Pentagon announced the massive use of AI for military and defense purposes

Pentagon announcement signals a shift in AI hub role from product developer to service provider

to ensure AI readiness for the needsUS Department of Defense. The basic agreement will allow various departments in the ministry and federal partners to issue orders for the execution of data processing services in = for working with AI, which can include everything from collecting data to sorting it to store and simulate how employees will use it with AI.

Agreement on the ordering of provisioning servicesData Readiness for Artificial Intelligence Development (DRAID) "will help the US Department of Defense and government agencies prepare data for use in artificial intelligence applications by providing easy access to the advanced commercial services needed to solve complex technical challenges," the Pentagon said in a statement.

Among the directions that the Pentagon will taketogether with civil partners: data collection and curation, synthetic data generation and data anonymization, software development, modification and customization, and so on.

In addition, it is necessary that all AI data,created under the agreement, were compliant with government standards so that they can interoperate with other cloud and AI development platforms at the Pentagon.

The Pentagon emphasizes that working with datastartups will also be attracted, this approach will become more inclusive, both for companies working with the government and for the War Department itself.

“During the development of DRAID, we made every effort toso that the best providers - whether they interact with the federal government for the first time or 101 times - can participate in fulfilling the Pentagon's orders, ”the request says.

We add that ethical principles of using AI will be spelled out separately in all these future collaborations. Which ones, the Pentagon does not specify.

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