The principle of operation of the water filter among the ancient Mayans is revealed

Archaeologists have learned how water filters were arranged in the ancient Maya. These people needed filtering, so

how he lived in an area where there were no convenient underground water sources. The Indians built storage tanks.

As it turned out, the ancient Maya used zeolite absorbent for their filters. Zeolites were used for water purification in the 20th century, but there was no evidence that they were used before.

Scientists have carried out excavations on the territory of modern Guatemala, in a place where more than a hundred thousand Maya Indians lived. They had a huge water tank. It was analyzed by researchers.

There they found minerals of the zeolite group in a largequantity. Interestingly, some minerals were not found near the city. Their deposit was located further away, not far from a source of clean water. Probably the Maya Indians saw the connection between the purity of water and minerals.

Researchers suggest that ancient people installed a multilayer filter at the entrance to the reservoir made of pieces of limestone, coarse cloth and a mixture of zeolites with quartz sand.