The result of dissatisfaction with Apple gadgets: electric car manufacturer Nio is already testing its first smartphone

This summer it became known that the Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles Nio enters the smartphone market

and plans to start producing gadgets. A few months have passed - and the company not only has not abandoned this idea, but is already actively moving forward in this matter.

What does it mean?

According to CEO WilliamLi (William Li), two specialized teams work on the project, one of which is based in Shanghai and the other in Shenzhen. What's more, a select group of Nio customers have already received early access to the phone and tested it, and the first results and impressions are encouraging.

The first Nio smartphone should debut in 2023, after which the company intends to release one new model per year.

The reason for entering the smartphone market wasNio's dissatisfaction with other manufacturers, especially Apple, which does not allow customers access to some technologies. In particular, the iPhone is limited in millimeter wave (mmWave) support, but this technology is used in Nio cars. Android smartphone owners are not at such a disadvantage, but Nio decided that the only way to take full advantage of modern technology is to develop its own mobile phone.

According to rumors, the first-born will receive a top-end Qualcomm processor, a proprietary Nio OS operating system, which will be the main one on Android, a voice assistant and 100-watt fast charging.