Boat-robot “devours” garbage in the rivers so that it does not float into the oceans

The floating markets of Vietnam's Mekong Delta have a new high-tech neighbor: a robotic

a boat that "devours" plastic bottles, wrappers and other garbage that can first enter the Pacific, and then into the oceans.

Interceptor developed by non-governmentby Ocean Cleanup. It receives funds and support from private companies. At the same time, the Kia automobile concern says that the plastic that the Interceptor will assemble will be used in production. The same company supplies the Ocean Cleanup project with electric vehicles.

Semi-autonomous Interceptor ships("Interceptor") use solar energy. Inside them is a conveyor that automatically distributes it into six special tanks. The cost of each ship is almost half a million dollars. According to an Ocean Cleanup spokesperson, this is a temporary solution. We need to look for a larger version.

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