The spirit of the old school and no trends: the authors of Streets of Rage 4 about the features of the game’s development

The developers of Streets of Rage 4 decided to reassure fans of the series by releasing a video explaining the features

development of a sequel.

What is known

Streets of Rage 4 is created by people who have beenare fans of the series and have always dreamed of working on the universe. Therefore, the fourth part is being made with an eye on Streets of Rage 2. According to the developers, making a sequel is difficult, because first you need to understand what gamers liked about the first games in the series.

Dotemu game designer Jordi Asensio said thatDuring testing of Streets of Rage 4, it runs the second part in parallel and controls games simultaneously with one controller. This way, developers can compare games and understand whether they are similar in rhythm and feel. In addition, when creating the combat system, the developers looked back at “fighting games”, studying the movements of the fighters frame by frame.

“The standard shot should feel good.It doesn’t matter if it’s part of game design, graphic design or sound design. When an element feels right, you know you can work with it. As long as you have that solid foundation, you can’t mess up,” Asensio said.

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The designer also noted that when creating a sequel, you shouldn’t get too carried away. According to the developer, the main mistake is adding newfangled mechanics to similar games.

“You don't need RPG mechanics, you don't need to modernize the game too much. We need to find the problems of those times and understand whether they are due to technical limitations or a lack of ideas,” Asensio said.

Streets of Rage 4 is being developed on the enginefrom Guard Crush Games, which the studio has been developing over the past two years specifically for the Dotemu project. Asensio praised the engine as it allows changes to be made in real time, customizing the feel and performance of the game.

According to the designer, every enemy thatappears at the level, there must be its own rhythm. In addition, care must be taken that the music matches this rhythm. If a part appears at a level that the developers constantly change, then it ends up being remade from scratch. Fans of Streets of Rage 2 continue to return to the game even after 25 years, and the developers of Streets of Rage 4 want to achieve the same effect.

The creators of the project have not yet decided on the release date, but the game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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